About Us

About Us


Kennard Koncept is a fast growing creative agency specialized in effective advertising for the modern age. We are well-coordinated team of experienced professionals who consider ‘average’ a completely foreign word.

Hunting in old well-known waters does not bring us pleasure, we give precedence to the latest trends and innovation technologies. For each project we search for the most suitable tools and research international leading brands to help us achieve nothing less than perfection for our clients.

We work around three main activities: branding – web creation – art direction. But we are more than that. Our playground isn’t limited. We learned a lot from our past experiences and today we can propose a larger choice of services such as apps, illustration, motion design, packaging creation, strategy, layout, and many more..

Not only do we build world class brands, websites and industry breaking apps, we make sure on launching these projects they have a unbeatable market strategy to support them, from digital presence, social management and out of web supportive advertising.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between our clients and their potential clients in a world where most of consumer research, interactions and important decisions are made online.

What’s make Kennard Koncept unique from the start is the simple notion that building a company isn’t all about work, but also about life, passion and play and the simple fact, we live for this!

Meet the team A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry.


Karen Wisse
HR / Accounts
+64 21 11 42288

Stacey Bojack
Head Designer
+64 27 5286 403

Jane Martinovich
Digital Content Strategist
+64 27 5286 408

Sophia Xu
Advertising Intern

Logan Douglas
Web Architect
+64 27 890 0048

Suvro Nw
Developer and maker
of all things codey.